Turn your Android into a
PC Remote Control

Control your Computer using an Android device.
Control mouse, keyboard, slide shows, video players and your favorite games.

Mouse and Keyboard

Control mouse, keyboard and open several programs using the app


Remotes for YouTube, Netflix,
PowerPoint, Google Chrome and more


Large collection of joysticks inspired by major video games

Voice to Text

Type on your computer using Android speech recognition

Power Options

Turn off, restart, lock or hibernate your computer with just one tap

Layout Editor

Create new remotes and joysticks 
or customize existing ones


Some Reviews of Max Remote made by YouTube Channels and WebSites


Step by Step to use Max Remote


Install the app on your smartphone

Download the Max Remote app from Google Play and run it


Install the server on your computer

Download Max Remote Server, install on your computer and run it


Register the server in the app

In the application, type the IP and port that appear on the server home screen


Download the app and install the server on your Windows or Linux computer


Max Remote app, compatible with Android 4.0 and higher


Max Remote Server, compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10


Max Remote Server, compatible with major Linux distributions

Frequently Asked Questions

Registering the server in the Max Remote app is very easy.

Register Wi-Fi server automatically
● Your Android device must be on the same network as your computer
● Touch the add icon located on the toolbar
● Choose Automatically
● Wait while the application scans for computers on the network
● If the application doesn't find any computer, you can register the server manually.

Register Wi-Fi server manually
● Your Android device must be on the same network as your computer
● Touch the add icon located on the toolbar
● Choose Manually
● Enter Server Name, can be any name
● Enter the Server IP Address and port number, this information is displayed on the server home screen.

If you can't connect, do the following:
● Turn off the Wi-Fi router, wait 10 seconds, and turn it on again
● Turn off Wi-Fi on your Android device, wait a few seconds, then turn it on again
● Make sure your Android device and computer are on the same network
● Check if the server is registered in the application
● Close and reopen Max Remote Server
● Try connecting the Max Remote application to your computer

If you have checked the items above and the issue has not been resolved, it may be that the firewall or some security program installed on your computer is preventing the server from communicating over the network. In this case, you must add "Max Remote Server.exe" to the list of trusted applications, or disable the firewall. The procedure is very simple, if you don't know how to setup whitelist of your firewall try Google it. If that doesn't work, try running Max Remote Server as Administrator. If you need help, please fill out the contact form available on this page, we'll reply as soon as possible.

Max Remote is not dangerous and is not a virus. Sometimes your browser or antivirus informs that Max Remote Server is suspicious or dangerous, but don't worry, they just did a mistake and detected Max Remote as a false positive, in other words they think Max Remote Server is harmful when it's actually safe. Bellow you can access antivirus reports about Max Remote and we listed some articles about false positive virus detection.

Max Remote Antivirus scan Report
VirusTotal Online Antivirus Report (Max Remote Server Windows)
VirusTotal Online Antivirus Report (Max Remote Server Linux)

Articles About False Positive Virus Detection
How To Tell If a Virus Is Actually a False Positive
False positive virus detection
VirusTotal tackles the tricky false positives problem plaguing antivirus software
How to deal with an antivirus false positive
What Is A False Positive Antivirus Detection?

● If you need any help, please fill out the contact form available on this page, we'll reply as soon as possible

Max Remote only communicates on your local network, to work it is necessary that the Android device is connected on the same network as your computer. For added security use a good router, firewall and create a password for your Wi-Fi network.

No. Max Remote is designed to control computers running Windows or Linux operating systems.

Yes, Max Remote Server is compatible with 32 and 64-bit computers.

In the list screen that displays the remotes and joysticks, tap on the add icon located on the toolbar.

Yes. On the Max Remote main screen, touch the gear icon, in the "Mouse" section you can adjust refresh rate, acceleration and accuracy


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